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The Good Business Incubator

The Good Business Incubator

I'm delighted to offer a learning and support group for new-ish and established business owners who seek connection, collaboration, problem-solving, and support.

It's a space to gather, learn, and collectively help one another put one foot in front of the other as leaders in an informal space where peers can become friends and ideas can thrive.

Here's how it works

Every other week, we get together at 10am PST on Wednesdays for 90 minutes.

The first part of each call is a lesson. During this bit, I will also be recording a podcast episode for The Good Business Podcast (for future broadcast, not live).

These are usually 10-15ish minutes. Group members will be muted for the recording portion. 

Members of the group will frequently get to suggest and vote on the topic I cover so each session can be specifically useful to what's challenging YOU, but can also be used to help and illuminate solutions for others when the episode goes live.

Getting + Giving. 

Once I finish the lesson, we turn the recording off and the remainder of the session is for live group coaching about the lesson topic or about other issues you need help with in your business.

Then we all hang out in a popup Facebook group where we mostly just try to outdo one another with pithy gifs. Zero urgency or obligation. Simple.

This will not be a laser-focused, high accountability experience. There is no curriculum. And there will only be as much pressure as you ask for.

This is more like a group of good, smart people showing up for their work, themselves, and one-another with experienced guidance and support.

This space is perfect for those who...

...already have businesses that need constant attention. You need to have a website, at least one offer, and a clear idea of what you do and why. - OR - You have had a business in the past and are looking to pivot.

...feel like you perpetually have questions you can't answer on your own.

...feel pretty scattered in the churn of ideas and pressures. the idea of having a place to show up and learn with regularity, but without it feeling like it's just one more thing to feel overwhelmed by.

Value Exchange


+ A small, intimate group of business peers to help you grow and learn. The last time I did a group like this, lifelong friendships and business partnerships were forged. Members liked it so much that three months turned into two years. 

+ A say in the direction of The Good Business Podcast and a way to support an independent podcast that endeavors only to teach others and does not accept sponsors. And since I know many of you have thoughts on what I should talk about more - here's your chance. 

+ A backstage pass to how I do what I do and to the people I know who may come in and guest teach from time to time. 

+ 10% off 1:1 services, should you decide to pursue coaching with me for 12 months from your first payment. 

+ AND you get access to ALL courses in the Foundations Series (both what's currently available and whatever we may release in the future) for as long as you're a member of the Incubator.

Oh, and a regular and affordable way to get coaching time with me. Which I hear is pretty solid;).


+ Well, money. Obviously (not interested in pretending that this is not a business offer).

+ The opportunity to teach a small, intimate group again because I really miss it and haven't run one in a while.

+ The chance to offer a more affordable way to work with me, and I know a lot of folks need it, and I miss that too.

+ Have a fire lit under my irrationally-resistant ADHD brain to actually record podcast episodes on the regular. You all get to help me do that by showing up. The expectation of live humans tends to bring out the very best in me.

The Money Stuff

In consideration of the needs of my community, I am offering The Good Business Incubator on a value/affordability scale. That means that I ask you to think about the value of what is offered to you and your business and weigh it against what is sustainably affordable for you.

In reciprocity, I ask that you consider that I run a very small business that is designed to help as many people as possible without funnels or trigger-pushing. I have limited time in my schedule, and that time is how I support my work and my family.

To make this a sustainable endeavor, it requires a minimum of $1000 per month (in total from all participants). Please invest appropriately and sustainably for you and your family.

  • Choose $50-100 per month if you are in a state of persistent financial struggle. 
  • Choose $100-200 per month if doing so will not affect your ability to thrive in other critical ways.


  • Bi-Weekly 60-90 minute group sessions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Ongoing Term - cancel any time.
  • Wednesdays at 10am Pacific Time Starting July 10th, 2024

Join me, won't you?

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