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How to Hire Like a Pro

How to Hire Like a Pro

Hiring is one of those really sticky things that:

a. Everyone hates doing.

b. Everyone thinks they're good at.

c. Has the capacity for shifting the culture of your work in the world - for good or bad.

And then you don't do it thoughtfully, you risk hiring the wrong people at the wrong time for the wrong reason which can be deeply frustrating and incredibly costly.

How to Hire Like a Pro is a short, simple, three-part course that can be completed in one sitting. It's designed to give you a new perspective and way of thinking about hiring so it can be a successful and nourishing process for all parties.

The course includes: how to figure out the type of help you need, how to prepare for hiring, and how to find great people.

5 Sections

Part 1: Who are you actually looking for?

Part 1: Who are you actually looking for?

It might not be who you think.

Part 2: Let's talk about how much to pay

Part 2: How much should I pay people?

Money. Money. Money.

Part 3: How do you find great people?

Part 3: So how DO you find great people?

My Top 10 Tips.

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