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Go for the No

Go for the No

Everything about being a business owner comes back to one thing: Visibility.

You basically can’t do anything without it.

No one buys your stuff. No one listens to you. And no one hires you if they don’t know you exist. But when you are filled with good ideas and nowhere to put them, GETTING visibility can feel like an unclimbable mountain of things you don’t want to do, can’t afford, or that just feel not ‘you’.

But when it comes to knocking on the doors that need knocking, it can be a lot more complicated than just sending an email.

We get it. It DOES hurt to ask. 

The all-powerful fear of rejection can be a lot harder to stare down than just about anything else in our businesses.

Go for the No is the bridge between having good ideas and nowhere to put them and having the visibility to make real things happen for yourself.

“This is my year of visibility!”

“I’m going to pitch like my life depends on it!”

“I’m finally getting my book published!”

But ARE you?

Are you really?

I mean, let’s be honest, why would this year be any different than every other year?

Hint: It’s probably not.

So really, why even try? Right?

Asking is hard.

Pitching is dumb.

Everyone is just going to say no anyway, amIright?



And no’s suuuuck. Like they are basically the worst thing ever.

I hate people saying no to me more than I hate like a LOT of yucky things.


The smell of tunafish.

People who think there's an 'x' in espresso. 

But one thing I DO know is that the more you hear no, the less it stings. It’s like when you get like a LOT of mosquito bites, by the twelfth or fifteenth, they don’t even itch anymore.

So I mean, maybe we give it a go anyway, what do you say?

In fact, let’s do it together.

Misery does love company, after all.

Together, we’re gonna get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Whether you want to get your work out to the world, or just want to get out of your own way, we’re gonna make SURE you are a miserable failure by gamifying rejection.

Together, we’re gonna go. for. the. no.

Instead of hoping for success, we’re gonna count on one kick in the crackers after another.

Go for the No is a  challenge designed to help you not only face your fears, but get SUPER good at hearing the word No. 

In fact, we're even going to reward those who hear it the most.

Every single month that the program is running, you'll have the opportunity to report your rejection and get rewarded with some really rad prizes.

Throughout the journey, we’re gonna give you all the tools you need to NOT fail.

I’m going to teach you how to pitch.

How to ask.

How to hedge your bets using every (non-sleazy) trick in my rather extensive bag to make sure that you have everything you need to (maybe) not totally fall on your face.

I mean, you still WILL, but it won’t be because you had no idea where to start or how to be successful.

It will be for all the reasons you already know:

Your work is the worst.

And your eyes are too close together.

And your hair is definitely not shiny enough to get what you want.

But should you decide to join me in the futility…

"I am loving it so far.  The tone is making me laugh out loud for like a while sometimes, so it’s really striking a chord, and is way more motivating than trying to sustain myself with positivity and excitement about marketing and pitches. I was shocked to have the guts to pitch one of my teachers!"

- Lee Fogel

Here's how it works:

We start on July 8th, 2024, but you can join any time.

This program is totally free. We really just want to see more people like you succeed.

1. There will be content that's part of our program in your inbox, on social media, and here. You can dive in as much or as little as you like.

2. Each Monday, a new challenge and lesson opens up here. 

3. During each week of the challenge, you'll have the opportunity to report your rejections in the Go for the No Community space here. 

4. At the end of each month, we'll announce the participant with the most no's for the previous month. They'll win a rad prize. The longer you're in the challenge, the better the prizes get.

5. "How long will it run?" Well, for as long as I feel like running it. How's that for a real answer?

Join me.

Misery DOES love company, after all.

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Go for the No Community

Go for the No Community

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