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The Stardust Principle

The Stardust Principle with Illana Burk

The Stardust Principle is a deep and comprehensive course designed to teach you the intricacies of how we use our values and interconnectedness to generate influence.

This is the backbone of ALL of the work I have done with hundreds of clients for more than a decade.

If you want to build a sustainable livelihood that can support your biggest vision, this is the hard work you can't afford NOT to do.

The course consists of three phases:

Phase 1: The Constellation of Values

Do you struggle to make decisions in your work? Like, you know what you want to accomplish, but the thousands and thousands of tiny decisions you have to make along the way feel like a cloudy maze of coin flips and indecision. The first phase is designed to help you conceptualize what your work is based on and most of us have less of a clear picture of this than we realize. Knowing your values – REALLY knowing them – is the start of a roadmap for making solid decisions that will last a lifetime.

Phase 2: The Meteoric Message

Now that you know your values, you can begin the process of learning how to leverage them. That means so much more than creating good sales copy. A Meteoric Message has the capacity to take a simple idea and grow it exponentially. 

Phase 3: The Galaxy of Influence

Reaching people with your work can sound so simple and feel SO much harder. But WHY does it feel so hard? Because you are very likely working tirelessly to reach people in ways that are fundamentally in conflict with the values you truly hold. Now that you know your Values and your Message, you can learn how to make yourself heard.


Whether you are just starting out, or are just really ready to not be frustrated by why you keep trying so hard and not getting the results you want, this course will fill in all the blanks you didn't know you had. 

kelly butler testimonial

"This is excellent. Practical advice, encouraging tone, examples so it’s easy to understand what you mean, and somehow it feels fun

It’s very substantial without feeling heavy. This is so, so good. I’m kind of amazed by how straightforward and simple it is (though not fast) and what it generates in terms of guidance."

- Kelly Butler

10 Sections

The Meteoric Message: Understanding your message

The Meteoric Message: Understanding Your Message

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