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Hello, Good Humans!

It is my heartfelt belief that businesses and business owners CAN value empathy and wholeness.

I teach you the skills you need to do that and make money at the same time.

Everyone thinks that business ownership should just come naturally when we decide to strike out on our own, but like every other wildly complex endeavor, there are dozens of skills you need to cultivate to truly be successful.

The courses and offerings I create for The Good Business Workshop are designed to give you real skills that will make every area of your work easier, more profitable, and more nourishing to you, your community, and the people you serve.

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Pricing for Good Humans

Pricing for Good Humans

"But how much should I charge?!?"

It's one of the most common and hardest-to-answer questions that every business owner has to ask themselves over and over again. It feels like some uncrackable code that just never seems to have a perfect solution.

But it actually isn't. 

It's a skill. One that can be learned... step by step.

Start here.

offer design for good humans

Offer Design for Good Humans

"But what should I offer? How do I make is great?"

Offer Design is a comprehensive course designed for those trying to figure out how to create an offer that aligns beautifully with your goals, your values, and the needs of those you most want to serve.

This course builds skills for service providers, coaches, designers, copywriters, online educators, and the like. 

If you feel like you have something amazing to give, but no idea how to actually create an offer that works for both your clients AND for you, it's time to learn. 

This course is how you do that.

How to Hire Like a Pro

How to Hire Like a Pro

"I don't have time to hire. I'll just keep doing it all myself."

Oof. I know that one. That heavy feeling of being totally underwater, knowing you need help, but also knowing that the whole process of actually getting help feels worse than just being underwater.

So many steps. So much work. It can feel like finding someone is a full time job all by itself.

But it doesn't have to be. 

Learn how to do it right - so it doesn't wind up feeling like an anchor pulling you deeper.

Consults that Convert

Consults that Convert

"Ugh. My work would be so much easier if I never had to sell stuff."

Selling absolutely does not have to be painful. We make it that way because we believe it's supposed to be hard and uncomfortable.

But selling is just connecting. Offering. Inviting. 

And I know you can do that.

Consults are my very favorite part of my job. I get genuinely excited when I see one on my calendar. And not because it's a chance to make money. It's because opportunity to get to know someone who wants to get to know me.

Learn how to love consults. It's possible. I promise.

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